1.Parents should peruse the School Diary and make due endorsement taking advantage of its various provisions. 
2.Changes in the address of parents or guardian must be intimated to the school in writing immediately. 
3.Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking sincere interest in their ward's progress. 
4.To see that their children prepare lessons at home and devote at least one hour in the morning and two hours in the evening to study.
5.Parents must give their full co-operation, so that the school can help in the all round development of the child. 
The parents / guardians are requested not to see the children or interview the teachers during the class hours without prior  permission of the Principal. 
6.The Parents should check the hand book every day and take note of the home work given and see that the home work is done before the children are sent to the school the next day. Otherwise the student will be retained in the school after hours and made to do the home work. Transport service will not be provided. 
7.Any communication (request or complaint) made by the parents should be addressed either to the Principal or the Class teacher only. Parents and guardians are requested to see that their children come to school with their hair cut and combed in neat school uniform.
8.Presence of the parents in the open day is compulsory. 
9.Parents must meet the Class Teacher once a month to know the progress of the child.
10. Parents must not encourage giving pocket money to the students. 
11. Parents must read the handbook thoroughly and fill in all the particulars in the hand book.

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