1. Students must attend the morning assembly without fail. Late comers to the school will be allowed to enter the class only with the
permission of the principal.
2. Students may be allowed to leave the school only with the permission of the Principal, before or during the normal working hours.
3. Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, indecent language or behavior will be viewed seriously.
4. Home assignments must be done nearly, regulatory and submitted on the due date.
5. Restoring to unfair means in the examinations and tests is a serious, offense, the student shall be De-barred from school.
  6. Students are responsible for the safety of their property. They are advised not to bring any costly articles, cash as well as sharp instruments to the school. 
7. No student or parent can arrange felicitation or offer any gift to the members of staff.
8. Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater fluency of language. 
9. Students should not bring any magazine or periodicals to the school other than those issued by the school library. 10. Students shall keep their classes and the school premises a litter free zone. 
11. Misdemeanour such as hands in pockets, dirty/ worn out shoes, discourtesy to staff / visitors / fellow students, immodest decking ornaments, make-up etc. are strictly forbidden. 
12. Ninth standard of conduct and behaviour is expected of every student with regard to speech and action in all their manifestation. 
13 Students should not stay back in the school after the day's final bell, without the permission from the Principal. 
14. No student will be permitted to abstain from writing a test or examination. There is no provision for re-test or re-examination. 
15. Absence in tests / examination will be recorded as zero performance which will have the eventual adverse reflection in the cumulative assessment of the student. 
16. Anyhow, in case of medical or unforeseen domestic development, an appeal be made with medical certificate to the Principal for leave or absence. 
17. Students are not allowed to bring CD, Pen drive, Mobile Phones, Laptops, etc. to the school without prior permission from the Principal. 
18. On Wednesdays, students are permitted to wear colour dress. They should wear only formal dresses and casual dresses will not be permitted. ID card should be worn even on Wednesday. 
19. In all, it must be noted that the school is keen on the children maintaining a presentable personality, in dress, language and outlook. Every pupil is expected to keep the high tone of school by excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in A and out of the school.

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